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Associate Data Scientist

Cooee® - Full Time - May, 2021 : Oct, 2023

Associate Data Scientist

Riverus - Full Time - June, 2019 : May, 2021 - 2 years

• Extraction of high value analytics from Legal Corpus

• Building robust ML pipelines and providing concurrent API end points

• Improving speed of text-based captcha solving by using SOTA object detection

• Improvising fuzzy text matching to be 25% faster on large scale text matching on quoted text from two legal cases

• Building case summarization tool of relative chronology of case proceedings using SOTA transformers based models

• Building a first person reasoning model to identify the polarity of speaker

• Extraction of common provisions, clauses, and data points from contracts

• Building, scaling and deploying an ensemble model of transformer and supervised machine learning algorithms to extract    

   information in form of one-class classification

• Improving in-house API to serve multiple requests and made it faster by 10%

• Built a sentence similarity model to find similar text wrt. context of the text using SOTA NLU techniques

Data Science Intern

KG LLP - Internship - August, 2018 : September, 2018 - 2 Months

Machine Learning Intern

Tino IQ - Internship - June 2018 : August, 2018 - 3 Months

Project Intern

Intel Indexer LLC - Internship - Feb, 2018 : May, 2018 - 5 Months

Online Certifications