Research Papers Explained


  • Keeping Track of research papers I read and writing it in my own views in this(my) corner of internet

  • I am doing this for myself to keep notes and to track things that I am doing.

  • If there are errors or questions regarding the content, or any queries, pls feel free to contact me.



Philosophies that I follow on reading research papers:

1. Read the title and make an opinion of what's in the paper (e.g., the area, the task)

2. Read the abstract well and form a hypothesis of

1. What's new in the paper?

2. Do you have a clear *overview* about what the paper is all about?

3. Look at the images and extract a set of "questions" about what is not clear about their method from the images. Now your job is to answer these questions by reading the paper.

4. Read the introduction carefully to get a high-level understanding of the paper.

5. Read the method aiming to answer your "questions" about the paper. Focus on understanding only the things relevant for the story (i.e., to understand the contribution).

6. Read the experiments to convince you that the show results are caused by their claim. Be aware that the experiments highlighted are the best scenarios and are fully hyper-parameter tuned.

7. Make sure you answered all your questions. Did the authors convince you that their story has the effect that they claim?