"Handy Tools" for Development in Windows

Why Windows ???

Windows has been notorious for being "bad" for all sorts of environments for developers cause of multitude of reasons.Mostly cause of package managing doesn't really exist, CMD or PowerShell syntax is super alien to other shell syntax types. But mostly it is due to being a fad among Devs that working on windows ain't cool.

Windows wasn't reliable in the 90s, but is it as bad as people say now ? I do not think so. If you are one such person I would encourage you to try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised. (ahh...I Love Linux too, super easy to build things and collaborate with teams. LOVE OPEN-SOURCE)

I have been working with windows for 10 years as of writing this, so compiled a list of few things that I use in my day-to-day tasks, which I think might help people on windows a flawless time developing or solving tasks other than game development.

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